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Hello Everyone!

Hello! I am Mirsad and I will be your host, your teacher and your guidance in helping you master the Croatian language. Croatian can be tricky, but those that remain dogged will achieve their goal in Mastering Croatian. Come join me today and let's take the first step on a new journey together!!

How I Got Here

After college, I started working in sales for a while until I left to work online as a freelance multi-lingual voice-over artist. Things were going well for a while.

During my time working online, I met my now fiancee. Her Croatian wasn't the best, so I decided to start helping her improve it! It was then that I realized that I could help much more people learn Croatian, so I decided to launch @Croatianwithmirsad .

Why I Do It 

Many students come to me to improve their Croatian for a number of reasons. They want to move to a Croatian-speaking country, they want to study abroad, or they want to communicate stress-free at work.

I'm here to give you the structure, motivation and confidence to reach your full potential in Croatian and achieve your ultimate goals!

Join me, and I will be there every step of the way in your language-learning journey.


πŸŽ‰ Fun Facts About Me πŸŽ‰ 

I Love Food

I come from a family of chefs, so I can say I have learned a thing or two about cooking while growing up. Cooking is among my favorite hobbies and nothing hits the spot more than a tasty meal you cooked up yourself, pun intended. My favorite foods to eat and cook are Italian and Turkish.

I Love Languages 

I was always fascinated by learning languages ever since an early age. As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being. When you become fluent in a language, it feels like you've unlocked a new part of the world! I am fluent in English, Croatian, and French and would love to learn Japanese one day. 

 I Love Sports

I have always loved football. One of my favorite players is Luka ModriΔ‡, one of Croatia's finest! I have been a weightlifter for over 10 years now and have even tried powerlifting at one point. I think sports not only keep the body healthy but the mind too! I hope to one day get into mountaineering and climb Europe's highest peaks!

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